Kamis, 14 April 2016

Short Again,If Thosend Island To Ada was charity WIFI

Thousand Islands Regent Tri Djoko Sri Margianto targeting eleven islands inhabited territory in the media and complete Wi-Fi wireless Internet network towards the end of 2015. This tool aims to improve inter-island connectivity.
"We are targeting the whole citizens can connect the Internet to the end of this yr," Tri said when visiting the office of Tempo, Thursday, June 4, 2015.
Tri said, this media alleviate the increase in visitor numbers island. He said, the number of tourists to the Thousand Islands yrs before reaching three million people.
The figure, said Tri, jumped nearly doubled compared to 2013. Against yr yr, the number of tourists and foreign tourists who vacation in the Thousand Islands only about 1.5 million people.
At that time, Tri argued, not all of Islands society steeped in the importance of the publication of data integration that the amount of accommodation available. As a result, he said not a few travelers who had to return to Jakarta because it does not have access to the inn.
The presence of Wi-Fi networks, Tri said, creating a local community capable of managing the inn and homestay in a professional manner. Residents of the island who could menggunggah number of rooms available to the internet.

Not only internet access, Tri targeting speed can be 10 Mbps to the yr 2016. There are two Base Transceiver Station which will be built in Pramuka Island. "The preparation has started," said Tri.